Publication 113

Here is my newsletter for this last week in March 2018. I am still trying to develop a format for the documents that provide some unique value for my readers. One of the principles which I see developing is that I am grouping articles together which reinforce a common point. That's the purpose service by the preamble which I put before each group of articles. 

I know all my readers have busy schedules so I'm trying to provide value in as concise a package as possible. 

I was probably just as shocked and anybody else when the news broke a few days ago that Trump had supposedly signed a 'budget' that seeming broke several of the promises he had made his constituency. But, as explained very well in these two videos, there is evidence that anybody who thought that, i.e. me and others, might have jumped to a hasty conclusion. Rush explains it very well and, in the second video, Dick Morris gives his excellent analysis. As Dick says, for a guy who wasn't supposed to be a politician, Trump is proving very crafty after all.

Me, I really like the way Dick Morris explains things. Here are two examples... both typical of his unique knowledge and perspective. They are both about Bolton, who according to Dick brings some real value to Trump's team. Although I will qualify my opinion of Bolton by saying that I hope he doesn't turn out to be too much of a hawk.
Incoming national security adviser John Bolton is poised to make policy and personnel changes at the highest levels of the National Security Council, officials familiar with Bolton's thinking and Trum

The uniqueness and value of this video is #1 that it comes from a lawyer. In this case, it's the guy who was Trumps lawyer for a short period of time. Lawyers tend to give very objective descriptions of events and this is a very concise run-down of some of the events surrounding Trump recently. 

It's easy for patriots to become disappointed at the idiocy of the voter base but in these two articles we see that at least some women are losing their infatuation of that tree-hugging socialist Trudeau. In the second article we see the good news that at least in one case, the Brits are prosecuting at least one of their Jihadis.
The bad news continues to mount for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a new poll showing support for the “feminist” leader falling, even among women. A new Ipsos poll released Monday als
A British man who tried to raise an army of young jihadis to carry out attacks across London was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for multiple terrorism-related offenses. Umar Haque, 25, was convic

In this article we see a report that US nuclear plants are vulnerable to terrorist hacking. In a subsequent artice below we will find, amazingly, that certain US authorities don't want guards at these facilities to have guns. Is that stupid or stupid?
Terrorist groups are attempting to steal radioactive materials from nuclear power plants with cyber attacks, according to a senior United Nations official. Jan Eliasson, the deputy secretary-general o

In these three articles we see more evidence of how 'we the people' just keep asking to be cheated and hurt. It sounds like we need counseling, doesn't it?.
Security guards at nuclear power plants will soon be prohibited from carrying handguns, according to a Wednesday statement by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). TVA claims that a recent regulato
The United Nations has called on Iraq to stop executing suspected Islamic State militants convicted of terrorism. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spokeswoman Liz Throssell told Voice of America
The Clinton Foundation will not return contributions it received from a major donor who is accused in a $30 million lawsuit of coercing his employee into sex, citing the non-profit organization's work

In this group of articles, we see the 'fruit of the poisonous tree'. Clearly, we have way too many people in public office who have no interest in doing what they are elected and/or delegated to do for the good of their constituency. For me, the biggest wild-card here is Sessions. I can't figure him out although some say that he is actually working with Trump behind the scenes.
FBI agents apprehended Hina Alvi at an airport in 2017 She was suspected of hacking Congress and is the wife of Imran Awan Awan and his family members allegedly logged into servers of congressmen for
President of teacher's association warns situation is spiraling out of control
Organization also wants pro-choice, undocumented and trans characters
The left is now openly calling for repealing the Second Amendment
CAIR — an organization that has repeatedly defended suspected terrorists — says that merely asking U.S. residents if they are citizens is a “white supremacist agenda”

My purpose in featuring these four articles is not for the content. Just reading the headlines is more than enough evidence of how blatant the Left has become in challenging every notion of decency and justice.

If this group of articles is any indication, large segments of the American public aren't buying to Left's siren song of 'Big Brother Will Take Care of You'. For me, the most glaring insult to our intelligence is this precocious little smart-ass, David Hogg (also mentioned in the above group of articles). I predict that when the truth is known, this little psycho will have a very interesting background. He is definitely being manipulated by the Dark Side.
Patriots are not going along with the establishment
Follows in footsteps of Nazis who disarmed Jews before the Holocaust
Kashuv was referencing the Broward County Sheriff’s Office from which a deputy arrived on scene 90 seconds into the attack and waited outside

It's getting where every time these Leftist morons get together they just make their case worse... as these next two articles show.
I spent four hours at the March For Our Lives on Saturday and asked dozens of protesters what specific legislation they wanted to see passed to end gun violence. They, to a person, wanted to see “as
It is likely that many of those who showed up were simply run-of-the-mill liberal activists

The FBI's reputation has suffered a lot in recent years. Seems like they spend as much time working against the American public as they supposedly do defending us.

One common thread I see in articles #1, 3, and 4 hear is that people are starting to ask questions of people in authority rather than just assuming they can do no wrong. In article #1, I especially like the idea of people waking up to the moral hypocrisy of the Left and Hollywood.
The Adultery Wars
Janna Malamud Smith Op-Ed article says the 'outing' of adulterers in Government shows why it is a bad idea to turn consensual sex between adults into political fodder; says people should avoid adultery not because it will expose them to public humiliation but because it diminishes their capacity...

I'm glad people are finally starting to ask this question about CNN. For decades they have just sorta, "always been there in the background"... almost like something out of a movie about a dystopian future. It's about time somebody called them out for their impact and undeserved influence on public opinion.
“How are airports justifying the idea of bombarding captive viewers with content many of them oppose?

Somebody needs to call these people out on this mis-use of public funds. I don't see right-wing cause getting this kind of protection when they try to make their case in the public eye.
DC Army National Guard providing armed security for anti-gun event

Chalk up another win for Trump, eh?
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited China from Sunday to Wednesday

Tommy Robinson has really proven to be a superstar with his crusade against Islamic extremism over in England. There is a segment of Britain which has so very much to offer any rational, free society, and Tommy is one of those English 'good guys' who we can all admire and support. The English government has really been hijacked.