Section 2:

Company Newsletter Ideas

For many knowing what to add to the company newsletter is the biggest challenge.

It gets to d-day and we scramble about for anything of interest.

The newsletter becomes stagnant and boring with the same content everytime. Readers start tuning out.

Having a big list of all possible content for your company newsletter will get the inspiration flowing.

It also means youíll keep an eye out for the types of content you want, so you can save it ahead of time. Then when d-day arrives you're already winning.

In this chapter weíll cover 19 inspirational company newsletter ideas that will make your life easier and keep your readers engaged.

Company Newsletter Ideas

19 Company Newsletter Ideas

Once you are armed with a strong understanding of your customers and your business objectives, here are some great company newsletter ideas to add engaging content to your newsletter.

Company News & Press Releases

This first company newsletter idea is a no brainer. Got some big news in your business? It might be something thatís current or prospective customers are interested in finding out more about. Particularly if it gives them more trust in their relationship with you.

Pull together any press releases, quotes from the business owner or customers, video interviews, testimonials and any other content and media that backs up the announcement.

Idea 1: Company News & Press Releases

Case Studies

Perfect for upselling products and services to customers that might not even know about them. Customers are often only aware of the services or products that you currently work with them on. By showing them how you are working with other customers (and the value they get) you can inspire customers into other ways of working with you.

Pull together information about the product and services mentioned. Include video interviews and/or other testimonials with the customer, key results achieved and other industry articles to support the case study.

Idea 2: Case Studies

Staff Generated Content

This could be Instagram pictures of the latest team building exercise or company outing.
Or it could be a thought provoking piece that one of your employees has written that addresses some of your customers pain points. Showing your business understands their goals and needs.

This is one of the lesser used company newsletter ideas, but shouldnít be. Staff content is a powerful tool for building on your business's culture and personality. It helps to make staff feel valued and included. It also shows customers that you are more then just a brand, there are real people behind the company.

Idea 3: Staff Generated Content


If you have any kind of relationship with your customers then you know the questions that often get asked.

Talk to sales and marketing to get more insight on what customers are asking, then answer the most popular ones in the company newsletter.

Link to testimonials, case studies and other relevant content to help them with the question.

Idea 4: An FAQ


People love to be inspired and to discover new and interesting things, which is why this is another great company newsletter idea.

Content in your company newsletter doesnít always have to be directly related to your products, services or customers problems. ButÖ there should be some relevance or consistancy with this kind of content. Otherwise you can run the risk of diluting focus, confusing brand and messaging and lowering the quality of your company newsletter.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, ďwhy is it important that I include this content in this company newsletter?Ē If you donít really know, leave it out.

Idea 5: Inspiration


Drum up excitement and attendance for an upcoming event that you are hosting or attending. Round up speaker profiles and relevant content that builds on the agenda. You might have some of your own content to add to the mix that will help increase your visibility.

Or you can summarise an event for customers. Include links to the key presentations, social buzz at the event and any other resources they might have missed.

Idea 6: Events

Industry News

Just like you, your customers and clients need to know what's going on in the industry, which is why this is a powerful company newsletter idea.

Why not make their lives easier by rounding up the key information and news that youíve found over the week?

A good tip here is to add your own insight to the content, making it more relevant and highlighting why that content is particularly interesting or relevant to them.

Idea 7: Industry News

Best Practice & Helpful Resources

Every industry evolves and changes. We all spend a decent amount of time keeping up to date on the latest trends, resources and best practices.

Just like with the industry news, why not use this company newsletter idea to round up a valuable resource of the latest industry trends and best practices to help your customers stay ahead of the curve?

Idea 8: Best Practice & Helpful Resources

Market Stats, Analysis & Insight

You know your stuff, you need your customers to know and trust that you know your stuff too.

Providing comment and opinion on major statistics, analysis and insight is a great way to do that. Either by adding comment to existing content in the newsletter, or creating your own to address key information.

Stats are also incredibly shareable content. Statistic roundups are always very popular amongst readers.

Idea 9: Market Stats, Analysis & Insight

Valuable Sources Of Information

Books, blogs, publications, podcasts, articles, reports, other newsletters, videos, slide decks etc.

With this company newsletter idea, curate information that you know will help your customers. Focus on the problems you uncovered during research to make your company newsletter a reliable source of valuable information in your industry.

Idea 10: Valuable Sources Of Information

Thought Leader Interviews

People trust your brand more if youíre not the only one talking about the problems youíre solving, and the benefits.

Line up some interviews with other trusted sources in the industry and discuss the common problems that customers are using your product or service to solve.

Youíll get the message across without having to say it yourself, and could repurpose it a variety of formats, video, audio and interview write up.

Idea 11: Thought Leader Interviews

Content From The Company Blog

Another company newsletter idea no brainer. As much as we marketers would love all of our customers to be reading every blog post we create, it just simply isnít true.

In fact most of our customers donít visit our blog or social channels frequently, hence why the company newsletter is such a valuable part of content distribution. Remind customers of the best content by delivering it to their inbox.

Idea 12: Content From The Company Blog


Everyone loves a discount.

Company newsletters are a great way of making existing and prospective clients aware of any promotions or deals you may have on.

As we learnt in the stats in the first section, conversions from email are higher than any other marketing channel, so there is no better medium.

Idea 13: Promotion

Product Releases & Feature Updates

Customers become very focused on the features or services that they already use.

Think about your relationship with Facebook. What do all the 100ís of other features in the left column do? I donít know either!

If you want customers to know about new features and services you have to proactively tell and educate them about them. The company newsletter is a winner for that.

Idea 14: Product Releases & Feature Updates


Similar to case studies, testimonials are a great accompaniment to most of the content and announcements that you can include within a company newsletter.

Company news, feature announcements, case studies, promotions etc, ďhereís what another customer thought of itÖĒ

Social proof is very effective for getting customers off the fence and into taking action.

Idea 15: Testimonials

Competitions, Quizes, Surveys

All of these are great for engaging with your customers.

If there is information you need from customers, focusing a call to action on driving customers to surveys can be very successful. Just be wary that surveys are sometimes used as a way to get out of having to have real conversations with customers. Which can lead to loosing out on valuable insight.

Quizzes are great for building buzz around your brand and relationships with customers. Especially if the prizes are exciting.

Idea 16: Competitions, Quizes, Surveys

Something Everyone Else Isnít Getting

This is a really important idea for your company newsletter. Youíve got a blog, youíre sharing on social media, what's the benefit of signing up to the newsletter too?

Offer exclusive reports, longer form content or other valuable information that youíre just not serving up publicly.

It will reward your mailing list and encourage new subscribers.

Idea 18: Something Everyone Else Isnít Getting

Profile Staff Members & Departments

Bring personality and culture to your company by celebrating those who make the business what it is.

Find a way to link whatís important to your customers by celebrating employees and departments that are forging ahead with whatís relevant.

Creating a personable and human view of your business is crucial to having real relationships with customers.

Idea 19: Profile Staff Members & Departments


Including content that your community or customers have created is a powerful way of making people feel valued and part of something.

Highlights from social media, articles or posts they have created and any news they might have released are all great ways to foster your community and make customers feel involved.

It will also help them with their own reach and they will thank you for it.

Idea 20: Community

Bonus Company Newsletter Idea: Ask For Feedback

Sending customers a company newsletter isnít a right, itís a privilege.
It should be something that they want to receive in their inboxes and get real value from.

As we covered earlier in this guide, itís about understanding your customers, which shouldnít just be a one time thing. Regularly asking for feedback as to how you can improve the company newsletter will ensure it is something of value. It will also make readers feel like you care about their point of view, but only if it is acted on!
This feedback also helps with segmenting your mailing list, which we cover in the next part of this guide.

The possibilities are endless. The content you should use however, is down to your understanding of your customersí needs and your business objectives. Then create a plan to deliver on them both.

Letís see how in the next section.